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Happy Halloween from Haverty Hollow and “Frank”!

Halloween is coming, and one of our Haverty Hollow traditions is putting together “Frank” to greet the cars coming up the driveway!


“Frank” and some of his after school friend creators

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Meet Bella!

After losing our sweet rabbit, Clover, to cancer last June, we are happy to welcome a new bunny, Bella, to the nature porch! Bella was given to us by the Boden family of Buckhead. She’s a beautiful addition to our nature porch. 

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Earth Day Festival 2018

Dane van Dam, Henry Hughes, Carter LaGuire and Chanhee Park pose with Ms. Lisa to display the first, second and third place winning entries in HH’s 2018 Earth Day Festival, held April 23. The After School Program celebrates Earth Day every year with games that culminate in the traditional poster contest, where everyone votes for the best representation of what Earth Day means to them. 

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Preschoolers Enjoy Their Snack In a Field of Flowers

On a beautiful April Thursday a group of the afternoon preschoolers walked down to the big field with Ms. Lisa, to take their snack among the buttercups.


Tyler Trammell, Eva Jane Turner, Lucy Hazlett, Griffin Farrell, Graeme Foster and Nicholas Wade pick buttercups to take home later.

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Buttercups in the Big Field

Spring football among the buttercups in the big field: Lisa always asks the mowers to leave the field alone for a couple weeks so we can all enjoy the beautiful color!

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Easter Egg Dyeing at HH

Lisa’s friend Grace is nice enough to come out every Spring for a session (or two) of egg dyeing activities for the after school group. Here are a couple pictures from our dye day last week.

Jimmie Davis displays the beautiful results of his egg dyeing skills.











The after school group concentrates on getting just the right amount of dye on those hard-boiled eggs!


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