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Fall Touch Football

The “big field” is a great place to try out your football skills after a day at school. Mr. John leads his crew in a scrimmage after snack and group time.

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Come Visit Us Oct. 14 & 15

You never know who is going to stop by Haverty Hollow. This heron was photographed in the Fall of 2015 and is one of many natural visitors to Haverty Hollow’s 4-acre property bordered by Nancy Creek.

We hope the weather will be hospitable again in mid-October this year, when we’ll offer extended days on Monday, Oct. 14 and Tuesday, Oct. 15 when many schools are closed. We will offer our usual mix of indoor and outdoor activities, from organized games to science and art projects or music games, tumbling or acting out a story, complete with costumes. The children get to choose what they’d like to do. There is also ample time for free play inside the cabin or on the multi-level playground. We’ll be open 8am – 6pm. Just bring a lunch!

You can register to attend by completing the form under the leaves graphic at left and mailing it to us with your $30 annual registration fee; childcare hours are priced at $8/child/hour. We serve ages 4 – 11 during holiday camps.

Hope to see you soon!

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Creek Walk at Frog Hollow Camp

Miss Lisa grew up on Paces Valley Road, on property bordered by Nancy Creek:  “My brother, Dusty, and I spent hours each summer playing in the creek, trying to catch minnows and crawfish as well as looking for treasures!”

Miss Lisa is glad to be able to share the fun of “creek walks” with the Frog Hollow campers on East Beechwood, in the same creek she loved as a child.

Campers also find treasures, and golf balls, along the beach. Many collections are started here.

Finding treasures, and golf balls, along the beach. Many collections are started here.

Campers have fun catching minnows on "creek walk".

Campers have fun catching minnows on “creek walk”.

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